Top 5 Surprises of Living in the U.S. After Italy

We’ve been stateside about three and a half weeks, which means we’re each about 10 pounds heavier from all the delicious junk food we’ve indulged in as we wait for our household goods to arrive. We can’t know how much for sure, though. Our scale is on a moving truck somewhere. There are the things… Continue reading Top 5 Surprises of Living in the U.S. After Italy

My Secret Love Affair With Omaha

Today I turned on The Flaming Lips’ At War With the Mystics for the kids. (Ya ya ya ya ya ya.) It took a nanosecond for my brain to whip-pan to my 20’s. The Flaming Lips at Stir Cove. Conor Oberst. Jenny Lewis at Slowdown. Andrew Bird. Feist at Memorial Park. Howl at Film Streams.… Continue reading My Secret Love Affair With Omaha

US Space & Rocket Center

At the very top of our Alabama bucket list: visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville. We have a space-obsessed four year old boy, after all. Winter break was a perfect time to make the three-hour drive. Said four year old doesn’t do well cooped up at home. (Or, we parents don’t do… Continue reading US Space & Rocket Center

Dream Field Farms

Fact: I farmed pumpkins in high school. Other fact: I haven’t visited a proper pumpkin patch since. (Nice try, though, England.) The preschool’s fall festival got us into the festive fall spirit, tricking us into believing it’s the middle of October despite highs around 80. So, off to a pumpkin patch we went! Dream Field… Continue reading Dream Field Farms

Take Me Back to Grand Marais (in Summer)

December is fast approaching and glimpses of daylight feel novel. So I space out while playing trains and remember the really wonderful time I had in Grand Marais, MN, with my husband three months ago. I’m a sucker for any place where “dressing up for dinner” means changing out of your muddy hiking boots and… Continue reading Take Me Back to Grand Marais (in Summer)

Take Me Back to the North Shore

The two nights that my husband and I spent at a quaint lakefront cottage on the north shore of Lake Superior feel like an eternity ago. I suppose that life will do that to you, when family emergencies, screwed up travel, toddler toddlerness and big family events get between you and that time you relaxed… Continue reading Take Me Back to the North Shore

Minnesota State Fair

Today is the last day of the Minnesota State Fair. I highly recommend it if you’re in the Minneapolis area (and hungry). We visited last Thursday morning despite the triple-digit heat threat. It’s a massive fair! We barely scratched the surface of what there was to see and do. Of course there were tractors. And cheese… Continue reading Minnesota State Fair

8 Things I Learned at the Zoo

Sure, our 5-month-old isn’t going to remember his first trip to the zoo. But I found that insisting he visits Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo before we leave is a fine justification for the whole family to enjoy a day there. We joined throngs of other stroller-pushing couples at the zoo this past Sunday and discovered… Continue reading 8 Things I Learned at the Zoo