Take Me Back to the North Shore

The two nights that my husband and I spent at a quaint lakefront cottage on the north shore of Lake Superior feel like an eternity ago. I suppose that life will do that to you, when family emergencies, screwed up travel, toddler toddlerness and big family events get between you and that time you relaxed once.

So I’d like to go back to that time, before all that, for just a few minutes. Join me?

I kind of fell in love with Grand Marais’s laid-back vibe.

And Angry Trout Cafe’s AMAZING fresh, locally sourced food. 

And sunrises over the lake, as seen from just outside our cottage.

We may have picked out some interesting stones to take home to our little rock aficionado. 

Objective #1: take a hike. 

Temperance River. Just… wow.

Stay tuned for detailed posts about Grand Marais (especially the food! The delicious food!) and our hike in Temperance River State Park. There’s so much to share!

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