Dream Field Farms

Fact: I farmed pumpkins in high school.

Other fact: I haven’t visited a proper pumpkin patch since. (Nice try, though, England.)

The preschool’s fall festival got us into the festive fall spirit, tricking us into believing it’s the middle of October despite highs around 80. So, off to a pumpkin patch we went!

Dream Field Farms is far from the pumpkin patch at my childhood home. It’s The Best Place On Earth To Play EVER If You’re Three Feet Tall.

Corn Bath

Bertie was. not. having it. Not any of it. Not the corn bath, not the bounce house, not the play tubes. Until we found the rubber duck races. That boy played gleefully in the trough and running water for 20 minutes. (That blissful 20 minutes that I didn’t have to hold him.)

at the trough

Walden of course ran into one of his friends from school and proceeded to play himself into oblivion. Inflatables, pedal tractors, hay maze…the boy would have stayed all day.


The actual pumpkin patch is accessible via a ride on a hay rack pulled by a tractor. We’re pretty sure we picked the best pumpkins. You’ll just have to believe me because we didn’t get any pictures in the patch. This was the best the boys could muster after roasting in the sun for 3 hours and well past the wee one’s nap time.

The Guys

It was a wonderful day out as a family. If you’re in the area and considering it, just go. Well, read the directions on the website and then go. Google Maps can’t always be trusted!

PS – Check out how much Walden has grown since our last pumpkin “patch” here.

3 thoughts on “Dream Field Farms

  1. Lol leave it to kids to only like something that involves water. And I hear ya on finding joy in not having to hold them for any period of time! I need to find a pumpkin patch around here. The problem is that I don’t want to hold Julia AND a pumpkin!!

  2. On my way to Red Wing a few weeks back, I saw a billboard: “It’s a pumpkin kind of day!” Seems like that kind of happiness for you, Jonathan, and the boys. Thanks for sharing.

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