The Rituals of Coffee

The best part of being a foreigner is the opportunity to connect with other foreigners. (Stranieri is the Italian word for us. Sounds like strangers, no? Without a doubt we seem strange to Italians.) Far from home, we gravitate toward each other for a sense of understanding and community. We offer each other empathy and support. And… Continue reading The Rituals of Coffee

What to Do with Figs

In the category of “Things I Never Expected” you will find the fact that we have a fig tree in our yard. I can’t tell you the variety, as I really know nothing about figs. It wasn’t until a bird massacred a dangling fig, disemboweling it and leaving a flap of red, pulpy insides hanging from… Continue reading What to Do with Figs

Eating & Drinking in Brussels

After spending a year and a half in England, I was beyond excited to sample some Belgian fare during my recent trip to Brussels. We visited A La Becasse for dinner our first night, per a Rick Steves recommendation. We wanted to check out the traditional clay pots in which they served lambic. Which was good, because the food selection was mostly… Continue reading Eating & Drinking in Brussels

We Just Call Them “Cookies”

My mom makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies. Not too sweet. Still moist and even more delicious after a few days. Totally addictive. Recently I noticed that Pinterest was blowing our little secret though. Did you see the slew of “pudding cookies” popping up a while back? Yeah. Where I come from, we just call… Continue reading We Just Call Them “Cookies”

Easy Strawberry Jam

  Strawberries have been going like hotcakes at the markets out here. And who am I to resist a two-for-one deal on deliciously ripe strawberries? The problem: too many strawberries to eat ASAP, not enough freezer space to save + no time for baking. The solution: Small batch strawberry jam! I tried this simple recipe from… Continue reading Easy Strawberry Jam

A Fancy London Afternoon

Never in my days as a girl growing up among cows and pigs and corn did I think that one day I would take afternoon tea at The Ritz London. 1) I didn’t know that afternoon tea was a thing. 2) I couldn’t imagine being in London. (Well, not without Mary Poppins.) and 3) Being… Continue reading A Fancy London Afternoon

Grocery Woes (Or, complaints of a spoiled American)

As we’re getting settled and waiting for our Omaha house to be rented, we’re trying to be as practical as possible about our food shopping. It’s kind of a stretch for me. On my worst days I would walk into the produce section at Whole Foods and immediately feel a wave of relaxation.  I like… Continue reading Grocery Woes (Or, complaints of a spoiled American)