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8 Things I Learned at the Zoo

Sure, our 5-month-old isn’t going to remember his first trip to the zoo. But I found that insisting he visits Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo before we leave is a fine justification for the whole family to enjoy a day there.

We joined throngs of other stroller-pushing couples at the zoo this past Sunday and discovered many new things. Not about animals; rather, about Important Things You Must Know as a stroller-pushing couple at the zoo, or, as a Parent.

  1. Baby + stroller = No Skyfari rides.
  2. No Strollers Allowed in the Butterfly Pavilion = a 3 minute discussion about whether or not your fancy stroller will be safe at the stroller parking rack outside, and what kind of special d-bag it takes to steal a baby stroller.
  3. (Preteen + androgynous haircut + ugly glasses + braces + too much sugar) – social graces = the scariest creature at the zoo, according to our infant.
  4. Nap time = Nap time. For babies and cats and bears.
  5. Napping animals do not interest a barely awake 5-month-old.
  6. Watching your 5-month-old intently watch fish, jaguars and otters = joy.
  7. Sleeping rhinoceros < baby gorilla riding on its mama’s back.
  8. The gift shop will have a stuffed toy version of the animal that you’re convinced is your child’s favorite. And you will buy it.

I’m sure there are many Things to Know if your child is able to wander off, tell you off, or throw a tantrum when the elephants aren’t on display. But we don’t have to worry about those things yet.

[image originally by The Mister; messed with by yours truly]


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