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Fall wanderings

This morning Plato and I headed out for a long walk to Elmwood Park. Missile acorns thrown at us by squirrels reminded me of a Flickr group I joined yesterday, bits and baubles from nature, which I discovered via Bliss. Scavenging for interesting bits from nature seemed like my cup of tea when I joined, and it turns out it definitely is. Luckily Plato didn’t require his second poop bag and I was able to use it to bring home a variety of goodies that I found along the way – mostly stuff that I would usually find ordinary, because these are the things fall is made of back home, too.

The walk was (indeed long and) quite relaxing. I love wandering through Elmwood Park on a nice day. You never know if you’ll see a cricket match, a guy practicing freestyle nanchaku, a group of folks in renaissance period dress practicing jousting. You will see a variety of families or ethnic groups preparing for barbecues, playing at the playground, just hanging out. And it’s a popular spot for senior portraits, family photos and even weddings. It’s such a serence place, and people go there to make memories, to capture the feeling of being loved – a part of a family or a community – for eternity. It reminds me of how grateful I am for my family.

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