Gifts for Wanderers

Did you know I’ve lived in five different homes in the past six years? My husband reminded me of the fact when I tried to explain an urge to finally hang all the pictures and buy throw pillows. (I even went to IKEA in Milan on a Sunday afternoon. It’s serious.) Moving every 1-2 years has reprogrammed my migratory instincts, I suppose, though I failed to fully load the program that has everything hung on the walls within a month of arrival.

The more we move and travel, the more I appreciate displaying unique items that express our lifestyle and adventures. I’d rather have bare walls than hang up artwork that brings me no joy. Until this past week my house was primarily decorated with my kids’ art, though. Writing a post sponsored by Uncommon Goods feels like a perfectly timed fit.

gifts for wanderers

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I love the look of maps hung on walls, and Uncommon Goods has plenty to choose from in its home decor collection. (The scratch off world map looks especially fun for a family of travelers.)  There are loads of unique, artful and sometimes irreverent items that remind me of the good ol’ days as DINKs back in Omaha – check them out here. Handmade items have links to the makers’ profiles so you can get to know whose work you’re buying. One of my most treasured gifts from friends is a hand embroidered catstudio Nebraska pillow – you can find one for any state!

Their selection of personalized gifts includes great pieces for that gallery wall us expats tend to talk about putting together one day. A personalized push-pin map, for example. I also love the look of the rubber stamp return address. Stamped envelopes always feel just a bit more special, and there’s something about having a stamp made that makes a home feel official.

Really, this is a great site for thoughtful, meaningful wedding or anniversary gifts for adventurous couples, too. (See for yourself.) I’ve made note of a few things for our next anniversary (it will be our 12th!), and wonder if the wine we stomped at the vendemmia in the fall would age well in a personalized wine barrel…or if it wouldn’t be more fun to try the wine-making kit that can come with it.

What I like about Uncommon Goods is that they offer some really interesting and inspired products. Their selection includes many handmade and up-cycled items which make excellent gifts for those quirky, boozy, food-loving, tree-hugging, worldly friends. Better yet, you can select a non-profit to receive a $1 donation from the company when you checkout. They also offer international shipping on many products – happy shopping!

This is a sponsored post for Uncommon Goods, though all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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