How Running a Half Marathon Changed Everything

Two years ago I trained for a 5k with friends. I stopped running for a while when we moved to Italy, then I started again (sort of), then… I decided to cope with losing a travel buddy to cancer by signing up for a half marathon. You don’t know how many times I imagined her telling me… Continue reading How Running a Half Marathon Changed Everything

Gifts for Wanderers

Did you know I’ve lived in five different homes in the past six years? My husband reminded me of the fact when I tried to explain an urge to finally hang all the pictures and buy throw pillows. (I even went to IKEA in Milan on a Sunday afternoon. It’s serious.) Moving every 1-2 years has reprogrammed my… Continue reading Gifts for Wanderers

My Sober October

At the start of this month my husband talked me into participating in Sober October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The idea is that I will not drink alcohol – no spritzes at aperitivo, no sangiovese with my fall stews, no bourbon for a nightcap – for the entire month of October. Having… Continue reading My Sober October

I Run.

So, I run now. For years (YEARS) I’ve called some of my favorite people crazy for running for fun. My husband has tried many, many times to encourage me to run, which I’d attempt twice before retreating to the smooth familiarity of the elliptical. I’d say that my local peer group is comprised of more… Continue reading I Run.

Stress Breaking Teeth

As a child of the 80’s who grew up on Kool-Aid, Cocoa Pebbles, Ding Dongs and well water (in addition to the regular meat and veg, to be fair), I grew my share of cavities. What isn’t taught and absorbed in the cavity fear mongering of our youth is that sometimes fillings don’t hold up… Continue reading Stress Breaking Teeth

6 Ways to Support Your Friend Who Blogs

What I’ve come to learn in the past two years is that people who aren’t bloggers don’t really get blogging. They like reading a blogger’s thoughts, but they don’t understand the business end of the gig. They read a blog because they like it! End of story. And thank goodness for them! This little blog of… Continue reading 6 Ways to Support Your Friend Who Blogs


There are a handful of posts in my Drafts folder that I can’t find the words to finish or don’t have the guts to publish. They’re important to me, but I question if they’ll resonate with you. This post could easily become one of those posts. I’m not going to give it a chance to,… Continue reading Depression

From the Girl on the Stairmaster

I can do pushups. Real pushups. Not many more than 10 at a time on a good day, but I can do them. I can sense the jiggling ladies on the (formerly) FLABeLOS machine pausing from their books and glancing sideways at me while I do them. Look, I’m far from fit (and will never… Continue reading From the Girl on the Stairmaster