And we shift


I haven’t written here in over six months. My custom theme renewal notice sits here, asking me if I want to spend a little to keep this blog like it is. What it’s really asking me is, “Hello, have you forgotten me?”

A handful of drafts wait with thoughts about repatriating, about careers, about memories of travel. The truth is, I often share the essence of these in a few moments on Instagram as I spend the rest of my creative energy on my social media marketing gig. And, of course, there are always the doubts that creep in with the chill of winter when I think of posting. Is it too late to share about our trip to Israel? Will my heart ache too hard if I write about our time in Italy? Does anyone care?

I scroll through old posts, trying to decide if I should renew or not. If I should keep it or archive it. I scroll, spiraling down the path from which I’ve come, and find myself being reminded of days and places I had completely forgotten. This blog holds a piece of the story of my life. Can I let that go?

Now we’re preparing to move back to England. Another adventure! This time will be wildly different. This time we’ll get to explore without diapers and strollers and nap schedules. This time I’ll have hours each day there with the boys in school. This time is an opportunity to dive in and really get to know it.

So now the question is, do I keep this going or start something new? Maybe it’s time to move on, like the seasons.

2 thoughts on “And we shift

  1. Please continue – a photo with a few words is fine and many people are very good at it, but being able to write as well as you do is much rarer! Your fine turn of phase, expressing doubts sometimes but always with so much enthusiasm, makes for really good reading. If you keep on, you’ll see in the future the value of having all your experiences described in one place, reminding you of past times…Good luck with whatever you decide to do,
    Marian, a friend you left in Italy

  2. My vote is to continue writing. In the times that I have stepped back from blogging, my only regret is that I didn’t return sooner. I always find it helpful to choose a new theme/revamp the blog when I am wanting the extra push to write. And no – it is never too late to write…I want to read about your trip to Israel!

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