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I can’t help but mumble “Sorry” when I’m inconveniencing someone in any way, say, by entering their peripheral view at the grocery store. If you hold the door for me, I’ll probably say “sorry” and “thank you.” It became such a habit, uttering “sorry” upon any human contact, after three years in England. At least… Continue reading Englishican

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Taking the Euro Tunnel

I wanted to post about this after my trip to Brussels, because it was such a mind-blowing experience. If you’re up on your geography, you’re well aware of the fact that England (plus Scotland) is an island. It’s really close to Europe, but they don’t touch…except by a remarkable tunnel under the English Channel. The Euro Tunnel shuttles… Continue reading Taking the Euro Tunnel

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Ramblings from the English Countryside

  I guess I’m not technically IN the countryside, despite the fields and farms I see from one of my bedroom windows. The other windows of our house reveal the crush of neighbors, their tiny efficient cars wedged together in front of the squeezed and stacked homes of these suburban English developments. (And that’s “spacious” compared to the residences… Continue reading Ramblings from the English Countryside

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What I’ll Miss About England

I spent yesterday in London with a friend. We took the train from Cambridge, ate a delicious lunch and took in The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. It was just the best day. I love (LOVE) London, especially on a warm, sunny spring day. While I don’t often make the 2-3 hour trip into… Continue reading What I’ll Miss About England

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National Railway Museum, York

You may know by now that we have a three year old boy who is obsessed with trains. Never mind the dozens of Thomas & Friends engines he has collected. He loves reading about trains: Big Book of Trains and All Aboard Trains have been read (and re-read) countless times. He has known the difference between… Continue reading National Railway Museum, York