Tooth Fairy Around the World

We took our first step into Jerusalem and our youngest said, “Hey, look! My tooth is a drawbridge!” Indeed his wiggly tooth was able to fold forward. We secretly tapped “toy store” into Google Maps as his brother raved about the awesomeness of the Tooth Fairy’s present for first lost teeth.

He was very concerned she might not find him while we were on vacation. After all, she has been known to take vacations of her own from time to time. How did we know we could count on her? How would she know where to find us? All quite concerning.

As it happened, the Tooth Fairy was enjoying Passover in Israel our last night in town and managed to find the Hatchimal Colleggtibles he hoped for. We came home down one tooth and up one tiny Ultra Rare monkey.

Now the grown up tooth is starting to reveal itself. My baby is very proud of this. The other day he showed the headmistress at his school. She squealed with delight and asked if the topolino – that’s “mouse” in Italian – came for his tooth in the night. I had to explain that, no, the Tooth FAIRY comes to our house, and I prayed he wouldn’t overthink it like his brother might. Thankfully there were no questions about how it is the Tooth Fairy would come all the way to Italy to take our American teeth, and even to Israel!, and how the little topolino knows not to take our American teeth. And why can’t the little mouse come because this child ADORES cute tiny mice?

Anyway, got off scott-free this time.

So I got to wondering… if the tooth fairy doesn’t come to Italy, who takes lost teeth around the world?

It turns out mice are on the job in France and Spain, and many Hispanic countries, too. There are also centuries-old traditions of throwing teeth in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Have a look here if you’re curious about traditions in other cultures.

Did you grow up with someone other than the Tooth Fairy to take your baby teeth? I’d love to hear about it!

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