Sweet Sicilia

Our 2017 will live on in our family as one of our most epic travel years. We did so much, and it was wonderful. Condensing it into one photo book is impossible! I’ve come to recognize how much I rely on my Instagram archives and even this blog to support (or even stand in for)… Continue reading Sweet Sicilia

Ten Self-Catering Holiday Essentials*

*When you’re traveling with a three year old and a baby. We like to rent an apartment or cottage when we travel. It gives us the space to tuck in the littles at reasonable bedtimes while we stay up drinking wine and reading with the lights on in a separate room. (Par-TAY!) The biggest draw,… Continue reading Ten Self-Catering Holiday Essentials*

How to Contain Your Toddler on a Plane

I didn’t tell you we spent 10 days in America in July. Something about jet lag and family and babies and toddlers and “life” getting in the way. We flew from London Heathrow to Minneapolis. “Eight point five hours on an airplane with a 2 year old and a baby? Have you gone MAD?” you… Continue reading How to Contain Your Toddler on a Plane

On Wandering Less

Our second son is due to arrive in less than five weeks. FIVE WEEKS. Seeing that deadline at my desk as a marketing strategy planner would send me into a state of mild panic. Five weeks pass really quickly. Before you know it, it’s just four. Then three. Then… you get the picture. The difference… Continue reading On Wandering Less