O, Toscana

Honestly, I didn’t want to love Tuscany. I wanted it to remain this Hollywood fetish-ized promised land for middle age divorcees. But I couldn’t help it. There is no choice but to love Tuscany. There is no way to describe the feeling Tuscany evokes other than love. Good food. Spectacular wine. Breathtaking views. History, art.… Continue reading O, Toscana

Florence, Italy

So, I had to go to Florence last month. How could I not? Everyone who has been to Florence loves it. It’s beautiful, they say. There’s so much to see, they say. “The art!” “David!” I couldn’t tolerate a lifetime of admitting, “No, I didn’t make it to Florence when we lived a few hours… Continue reading Florence, Italy

Traveling Solo

The weekend after Easter I visited Florence by myself. Alone. Solo. Party of one. It wasn’t my first time traveling alone, so I knew I could overcome all the pre-trip jitters: worries about safety, anxiety about missing trains and getting lost, uncertainty about dining alone. Time has proven that all those unknowns and What Ifs… Continue reading Traveling Solo

Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France (If You Will)

Before we hopped the pond, I convinced a friend to join me on an extended day-long bus trip to the fishing village of Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. This was big; it was her first whole day away from her kids for fun in 10 years. Thankfully our husbands were able to work out a work schedule… Continue reading Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France (If You Will)

Lucerne, Switzerland

Before I launch into a series of posts about our massive road trip through France to Spain, I want to share my girls’ trip to Lucerne, Switzerland, the week before we left. This post is in honor of my friend Beth, who we’re saying “aloha!” to tomorrow as she and her husband PCS to Hawaii.… Continue reading Lucerne, Switzerland

That Time We Drove to Spain

Every five years or so we take an epic getaway. I suppose it’s how we release the built up pressure of the demands of work and life, after using up vacations to visit family and go to weddings (you know how it is). This year’s adventure was more the product of the pressure to travel… Continue reading That Time We Drove to Spain

A Travel Lesson: Know Your Holidays

I’m in the midst of stockpiling content for new posts. Lucerne, Switzerland; driving through France; Barcelona… but I need to share this first. Today is Labor Day in Spain, as in many other countries. Alas, I wasn’t aware of this and so didn’t prepare for it. Instead, we drove most of the way to Montserrat with… Continue reading A Travel Lesson: Know Your Holidays

Bruges, Belgium (If You Want to Fall in Love)

I don’t know why I’m surprised that I fell in love with Bruges. It’s a beautiful small, historic city with lovely architecture, chocolate, beer, waffles, art, chocolate, frites, beer, shopping, chocolate, and, yes, more chocolate. Bruges was a thriving port until silt built up in the inlet from the North Sea, making trade by ship… Continue reading Bruges, Belgium (If You Want to Fall in Love)

Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

About 5 weeks after we landed in England with our infant, my husband was deployed to a NATO job in Italy for three months. As far as deployment gigs go, it wasn’t so bad. But I was mostly concerned with myself and caring for our 7-month-old son. Layers of stress had built up around me,… Continue reading Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

Brussels, Belgium

One of the best things about being stationed in England is how accessible Europe is from here. Elaborate “dream vacations” from the middle of America turn into “holidays.” A whole world of destinations opens up to you when you realize they will never require less time and money to visit than from here. Suddenly you… Continue reading Brussels, Belgium