When the Baby Turns Two

Everything we did yesterday was accompanied by the thought, “This is the last time we’ll do this when he’s one!” The last nap, the last story, the last kiss good night. Done. Today we celebrated the second birthday of my youngest child. My baby. Except he’s not a baby; he walks and jumps and sings… Continue reading When the Baby Turns Two

How to Contain Your Toddler on a Plane

I didn’t tell you we spent 10 days in America in July. Something about jet lag and family and babies and toddlers and “life” getting in the way. We flew from London Heathrow to Minneapolis. “Eight point five hours on an airplane with a 2 year old and a baby? Have you gone MAD?” you… Continue reading How to Contain Your Toddler on a Plane

Day Out with Thomas at Colne Valley Railway

It started with his first birthday. My grandparents sent our oldest son a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that talked when you pressed the funnel. Then… the dam cracked and Thomas started seeping into our lives little by little. The five-minute episodes of the show provided him a little joy when he was sick. He… Continue reading Day Out with Thomas at Colne Valley Railway

I Took Two to the Zoo

I transfered the contents of the diaper bag to a backpack last Friday night. It was decided: I would take the two boys and GO somewhere. A friend we were to meet at a farm had to keep her ill son home, so I made the last minute decision to go to the (closer) Banham… Continue reading I Took Two to the Zoo

My Toddler Called Me Out

I refuse to believe that my toddler, with dark circles under his eyes and that hundred-yard stare, doesn’t still need a nap. But, by god, he simply won’t do it most days, no matter how asleep he is halfway through The Gruffalo. So, we do this dance every day. We do our routine, he crawls… Continue reading My Toddler Called Me Out

At the Seaside

My fog lifted when a college friend suggested our families meet up at Leigh-on-Sea this past weekend. The seaside! With a beach! It’s a strange day that I don’t get excited about a beach. Even if we are talking about one along the North Sea in April. Thankfully the weather decided on spring and the… Continue reading At the Seaside

Going Solo as a Mom of Two

It’s no secret that I have a tendency to stress about trivial things. I also have an absurd fear of failing at everything. So. Adding a new baby to the mix of daily life led me to assume that the rest of my days are doomed to a giant whirlwind of chaos. Seriously stressful chaos.… Continue reading Going Solo as a Mom of Two