Motoring Down A1101

  There’s a road โ€“ yes, one โ€“ that connects my town to my husband’s base. Americans aren’t allowed to pass other drivers on this road, unless the driver is a farmer in a tractor driving slower than 30 mph. (In the fall, you want to pass them so you can avoid being pelted with… Continue reading Motoring Down A1101

When It Clicks: This is The Last Of

The light had that tilted-from-the-sun amber glow of an early autumn afternoon. The winding English road was being swallowed by green in spots where it was certainly no wider than 1.9 sedans (or 1 lorry and 3/4 of a Puegot hatchback). Then something clicked. This is our last English fall. Trailers stacked impossibly high with… Continue reading When It Clicks: This is The Last Of

Day Out in Suffolk: Framlingham & Bawdsey

A week or so ago my husband learned that Bawdsey Radar โ€“ the world’s first operational radar station โ€“ was scheduled for an Open Day this past weekend. And so our Sunday was booked. The Suffolk coast is dotted with a variety of National Trust and English Heritage sites in addition to other areas of… Continue reading Day Out in Suffolk: Framlingham & Bawdsey