Florence, Italy

So, I had to go to Florence last month. How could I not? Everyone who has been to Florence loves it. It’s beautiful, they say. There’s so much to see, they say. “The art!” “David!” I couldn’t tolerate a lifetime of admitting, “No, I didn’t make it to Florence when we lived a few hours… Continue reading Florence, Italy

Traveling Solo

The weekend after Easter I visited Florence by myself. Alone. Solo. Party of one. It wasn’t my first time traveling alone, so I knew I could overcome all the pre-trip jitters: worries about safety, anxiety about missing trains and getting lost, uncertainty about dining alone. Time has proven that all those unknowns and What Ifs… Continue reading Traveling Solo

That Time I Went to Belgium By Myself

Saturday I went to Bruges, Belgium, by myself. Not ALL by myself. I went with a giant group of American strangers who were also on the double decker Sun Fun buses that left from RAF Lakenheath at 3:00am Saturday. But by myself. It was a nice entree to solo travel, because all of the logistics… Continue reading That Time I Went to Belgium By Myself