Sometimes Free Toys Don’t Cut It

It’s that time of year! Toys, toys everywhere. Also, lousy lousy weather that has me doing things like revisiting books on child rearing and how to entertain a toddler. My nature is to want to not want my kid to have garish plastic toys. And the books and websites I read all swear that you… Continue reading Sometimes Free Toys Don’t Cut It

English-y-ish Gift Ideas

I had the idea for an English gift-themed post prior to receiving a “Keep Calm and Drink Wine” coffee mug from a friend this week (you know, derived from the ubiquitous “Keep Calm & Carry On” thing). It started as a daydream about what gifts I might receive for my birthday. Let’s just say that… Continue reading English-y-ish Gift Ideas

Pretty Things

I somehow stumbled upon the Sundance catalog website this stormy morning, and have been perusing their jewelry selection while enjoying some English tea. These nine pieces are some of my favorites! Cubist Earrings Gempost Earrings (in Peridot, my birthstone) Spec of Sparkle Earrings Green Lagoon Necklace Spectra Necklace Moody Mix Necklace Qunitillia Stack Rings Green… Continue reading Pretty Things

Poppie Jones Sashimi Wallet

I claim to be a person who would never fuss over a wallet. However, I refuse to purchase a dull wallet that doesn’t have nearly enough space for my variety of IDs, debit/credit cards, library cards, etc. (So…) I was so delighted to discover this super-cute wallet by Poppie Jones not too long after I… Continue reading Poppie Jones Sashimi Wallet