Move-In Day Eve

We’re in our fifth week of living in a studio loft hotel room (with a mostly frosted glass wall to the bathroom). We’ve been here long enough that it feels normal. The kids are comfortable navigating the busy breakfast bar. The staff knows us. I expect to see Bertie’s face plastered against the glass while I’m… Continue reading Move-In Day Eve

What I’ve Learned About Myself Since 30 (#1-12)

Okay, okay, I know I still have plenty of time to add to this list, but today after Prince Walls starting shrieking near-obscenities that mirrored my curses from within our giant SUV in the Sainsbury’s parking lot, it dawned on me that I need to understand myself for no other reason than to edit my… Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Myself Since 30 (#1-12)

And This is My Voice

I was a cheerleader in middle school. The same popular boys were on the football and basketball teams. They entertained themselves by making up silly picture books about us cheerleaders, drawing caricatures of us to exaggerate traits only middle schoolers would choose to exaggerate to make a girl like them more. When it came to… Continue reading And This is My Voice