Little Brother is due tomorrow. Waiting for his arrival is such a different experience from his brother’s. Then, I was determined that our baby would wait only until the perfect moment for my husband to make the last-minute-notice flight home to Omaha from Las Vegas. That perfect moment meant my husband would be present for… Continue reading Waiting

On Wandering Less

Our second son is due to arrive in less than five weeks. FIVE WEEKS. Seeing that deadline at my desk as a marketing strategy planner would send me into a state of mild panic. Five weeks pass really quickly. Before you know it, it’s just four. Then three. Then… you get the picture. The difference… Continue reading On Wandering Less

And Now for the News

I’ll just get right to it: Our little family is growing! No, we aren’t adopting another dog. We’re expecting a little brother or sister for our big guy in February! It’s thrilling, it’s sometimes overwhelming; it’s something we’re very excited about here. The past couple of months have been…exhausting. Normally I would blog during kiddo’s… Continue reading And Now for the News