Friday Hugs

If you haven’t taken a moment today to vote for my photo “Boy hugging dog” in Field Notes from Fatherhood’s Family Travel Photo Contest, please do! (And share with your friends!) I’d really like to tell my son that he and our dog won a photo competition just before his little brother was born. Today… Continue reading Friday Hugs

A Cold and Frosty Morning

Have you ever wandered through the countryside in a freezing fog? Me either. But today I couldn’t resist pulling over every chance I found to snap some scenes of the frosty English fields along A1101. Everything was coated in a sparkling white frost, and the sky was a heavy, milky grey. It was surreal, and… Continue reading A Cold and Frosty Morning

A Morning Walk

The little guy and I may be finding our stride with mornings at nursery. Today he said “bye-bye” as soon as I took off his jacket, leaned in for a kiss, took his teacher’s hand and walked off to his room. He cried “mama” on the way, but the kid didn’t even bother to look… Continue reading A Morning Walk