Next Stop

With the blossoming of spring comes the influx of orders for Permanent Changes of Station (which we call PCS-ing). This means that now is when many Air Force families who are expecting to move to a new duty station find out their next destination. We found out we’re moving to Italy in June! This is… Continue reading Next Stop

And We’re Back

Helloooooo America! OK, so we’ve been here nearly a week already. But Hello anyway. The general rule of thumb for overcoming jet lag is that it takes one day per time zone to adjust, so we’re just now coming out of that zombie-like state that comes with transatlantic travel. Our 18-hour travel day went as well as… Continue reading And We’re Back

The Final Countdown

Whelp, our stuff is packed in crates somewhere out there and we’re officially living out of suitcases. I appreciate any and all wishes for our household to arrive in Alabama in fewer than 3 months (unlike last time)! This post is pretty scatterbrained. We’ve had a very busy few weeks, full of preparation for the… Continue reading The Final Countdown

What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

We move to Alabama in just 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! Spain is calling. Paris! The Lake District. The clock is ticking, very quickly it seems. Before we know it we’ll be wheels-down in North America and our expat days will be our past. It’s bittersweet. Well, sweet and maybe a only little bitter. The truth… Continue reading What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America