Family Adventuring with Britax – and a Giveaway!

My baby is four now. FOUR. Do you know how old that is? It’s puts-on-his-own-shoes old. It’s goes-to-the-loo-independently old. It’s rides-a-bike-with-training-wheels old. It’s also old enough for him to no longer be three, and amen to that, amiright? Our house is purged of all things baby, excluding a couple of really nice toys and a… Continue reading Family Adventuring with Britax – and a Giveaway!


Well hi! I looked at the calendar, then the last date I posted. It has happened again: I lost track of all the things we’ve been up to and didn’t get around to posting them. I’ll regret it, I always do. The details of our travels get lost with time. I don’t want to let… Continue reading Lately…

Put Down the Phone

Have you seen this beautiful video calling us all to put down our smart phones and live in the moment? And perhaps you remember Hands Free Mama making a run through our Facebook feeds? They’re talking to me and millions of other parents. I am so desperate to cling to the magic of my kids’… Continue reading Put Down the Phone

Between the Leaps (11 Months)

There is a parenting book I didn’t read when Walden was a baby that I should have, because it explains SO MUCH that made me borderline insane. The Wonder Weeks authors Frans Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt identify a series of leaps in mental development that happen in babies at very specific times in… Continue reading Between the Leaps (11 Months)

Moms Grow Up, Too

Confession: I spent no more than three hours at a time away from Walden in the first six months of his life. Then I spent about 3 hours TOTAL away during our first deployment in England. Back then I didn’t realize how absurd I was being. I felt I would be a nuisance to ask… Continue reading Moms Grow Up, Too