~ End of Summer ~ Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a recurring feature on this blog of the books, music, movies and other media that I’m loving right now. All of the excitement for pumpkin-flavored stuff has started making waves, but I’m grasping the last straws of summer over here. Yes, the light is becoming golden and the nights are cooler. But… Continue reading ~ End of Summer ~ Mixed Media

Sing Me a Good Night

Music has been an important part of my life. I’m not talking violin lessons or marching band, though. I’m talking good old rock & roll and pop music on the radio, and later on some indie and alternative stuff. It’s the stuff that’s the soundtrack to real life. It sets the tone and connects you… Continue reading Sing Me a Good Night

Mixed Media ~Summer~

Here is some of what I read, watched and listened to this summer: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink –a quick sensual read Julie & Julia by Julie Powell – absolutely adorable and a perfect mood boost Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky – a lovely net of stories from WWII France Food, Inc. – pushed me… Continue reading Mixed Media ~Summer~

Andrew Bird at Slowdown

Last night, despite the local news’ “High” Winter Weather Threat level warning (It’s winter. Of course we’re going to have Winter Weather.), we ventured downtown to Slowdown to see Andrew Bird. First of all, what a great venue! Great bar, great setup, great people. We found a high top table on the 2nd floor during… Continue reading Andrew Bird at Slowdown

Mixed Media ~ Jan/Feb ~

Today I decided that every month or so, I should share the variety of books, music, movies, magazines, whatever that I’m into for the moment. And so I bring you my first ever Mixed Media post, featuring the media that’s making me swoon in these bitter winter months. Music I can’t take Andrew Bird’s latest… Continue reading Mixed Media ~ Jan/Feb ~

Our Bruce Springsteen New Year’s Eve

Our “plan” for New Year’s Eve was to go to our favorite neighborhood pub… but had we truly “planned” our evening, we would have known in advance that it closed at 4 pm. After waiting 15 minutes for service at another favorite neighborhood restaurant, we raised our white flag and headed home to order pizza.… Continue reading Our Bruce Springsteen New Year’s Eve

i xo Hymie’s!

vintage vinyl from hymie’s, originally uploaded by lynnbeha. Before leaving [a really fun] holiday in Minneapolis, we took Dosh’s advice to hit up Hymie’s Vintage Records at 33rd & Lake. And we totally loaded up on some great old stuff. Check out what we’ve had a chance to enjoy (and some extra photos) after the… Continue reading i xo Hymie’s!