Celebrating Halloween

Confession: I’m a terrible celebrator of Halloween. Always have been. Last year I bought a witch hat on clearance so I could appear to care, but with minimal effort. The littlest thinks it’s beautiful. (Bless him.) The oldest wishes the whole family would dress up as Lego Nexo Knights. (Dream big, buddy.) I thought living… Continue reading Celebrating Halloween

Impossible to Resist Long Post About My 5 Year Old

Friday my oldest son turned five. Which I find funny to say, because I sometimes forget he isn’t already 8 or 18. Oh, Walden. You are a force. “Don’t forget, my name is WALDEN!” you once called to some new friends from grandma’s pontoon, as she pulled away from the sandbar. No one will forget… Continue reading Impossible to Resist Long Post About My 5 Year Old

Yes, I DO Want Something for Mother’s Day

Has your Facebook feed filled up with links to articles about what moms actually want for Mother’s Day? Gift guides? Or that moms want nothing except for lots of little not-somethings? I haven’t asked specifically for anything this year. My husband already encouraged me to pick out a locally crafted necklace at Southern Makers last weekend.… Continue reading Yes, I DO Want Something for Mother’s Day

Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France (If You Will)

Before we hopped the pond, I convinced a friend to join me on an extended day-long bus trip to the fishing village of Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. This was big; it was her first whole day away from her kids for fun in 10 years. Thankfully our husbands were able to work out a work schedule… Continue reading Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France (If You Will)

In Which Life Occurs

I really wanted to post about my trip to Bruges this week. Then life happened, and I spent time marveling at my kids and learning to play Cribbage with my husband instead of blogging. So, it’s all good. I’ve realized that I want to capture those things, too. The day-to-day stuff that will be so easy to… Continue reading In Which Life Occurs

Between the Leaps (11 Months)

There is a parenting book I didn’t read when Walden was a baby that I should have, because it explains SO MUCH that made me borderline insane. The Wonder Weeks authors Frans Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt identify a series of leaps in mental development that happen in babies at very specific times in… Continue reading Between the Leaps (11 Months)

A Deployment Can Be Special

You can safely assume we’re in the home stretch of this deployment, with me writing that headline seriously. The past few months have been no cakewalk. No, they’ve been more like a smooshed Cheerio/LEGO/crusty Kleenex path covered in pee/spit up/pureed food which you must cross barefoot, in the dark, on no sleep, with 50 pounds… Continue reading A Deployment Can Be Special

Moms Grow Up, Too

Confession: I spent no more than three hours at a time away from Walden in the first six months of his life. Then I spent about 3 hours TOTAL away during our first deployment in England. Back then I didn’t realize how absurd I was being. I felt I would be a nuisance to ask… Continue reading Moms Grow Up, Too

The Best 2 Year Old Yet

Wow! My son is two today. I’ve spent (nearly) every day of the past two years with this little person. That wasn’t supposed to happen, but I’m glad it did. We’ve crossed an ocean together. We’ve explored England, Italy and Scotland together. I’ve taught him the joys of dance parties and bubbles, and he has… Continue reading The Best 2 Year Old Yet