~ End of Summer ~ Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a recurring feature on this blog of the books, music, movies and other media that I’m loving right now. All of the excitement for pumpkin-flavored stuff has started making waves, but I’m grasping the last straws of summer over here. Yes, the light is becoming golden and the nights are cooler. But… Continue reading ~ End of Summer ~ Mixed Media

~Picking Up ~ Mixed Media

I have been really into feeling empowered lately. Feeling capable is a kind of high I enjoy, particularly because its goodness doesn’t expire like that buzz from the last of that bottle of wine. Confidently taking action feels better than wondering why things don’t just simply change. Mostly because the answer, “They just won’t,” is… Continue reading ~Picking Up ~ Mixed Media

Mixed Media ~Summer~

Here is some of what I read, watched and listened to this summer: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink –a quick sensual read Julie & Julia by Julie Powell – absolutely adorable and a perfect mood boost Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky – a lovely net of stories from WWII France Food, Inc. – pushed me… Continue reading Mixed Media ~Summer~