All I Have to Say About Military Spouses

I wasn’t the kind of girl to be impressed by a guy in uniform. When I married one, I reassured myself and my civilian friends that I had no intent of wrapping myself in the label of “military spouse.” I had two degrees and more than my share of defiance, and I refused to allow the military… Continue reading All I Have to Say About Military Spouses

My Secret Love Affair With Omaha

Today I turned on The Flaming Lips’ At War With the Mystics for the kids. (Ya ya ya ya ya ya.) It took a nanosecond for my brain to whip-pan to my 20’s. The Flaming Lips at Stir Cove. Conor Oberst. Jenny Lewis at Slowdown. Andrew Bird. Feist at Memorial Park. Howl at Film Streams.… Continue reading My Secret Love Affair With Omaha

Blue Stars: A Book Review

Earlier this month my book club met to discuss the book Blue Stars by Emily Gray Tedrowe. Let me first explain that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill book club. All of us are married (or almost) to military officers (simply because the group was organized through the school in which our spouses are currently enrolled). Many… Continue reading Blue Stars: A Book Review


Flurry? Whirlwind? Cyclone? I’m unsure which weather feature best describes our current state of existence. June is half over. More than a month has passed since our epic road trip, which I’m still hoping to detail here. (I’m really only three days in. We were gone for 12. It might be a while.) We’ve celebrated Walden’s… Continue reading Lately

Ten In

Ten years ago, I watched my future husband and his OTS classmates fling their hats into the air on a hot, sunny day in Montgomery, Alabama. We had dated all of five months before the day he graduated from college and drove south. That summer of Officer Training School was our first separation, and enduring… Continue reading Ten In

Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

About 5 weeks after we landed in England with our infant, my husband was deployed to a NATO job in Italy for three months. As far as deployment gigs go, it wasn’t so bad. But I was mostly concerned with myself and caring for our 7-month-old son. Layers of stress had built up around me,… Continue reading Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

A Weekend in Brussels

My husband returned from his deployment last week! So naturally I threw the toddler into his arms and skipped the country for a girls’ weekend getaway to Brussels. It’s not as big a deal as it sounds. It was like driving from Omaha to Minneapolis. Except instead of driving through three states, we drove through… Continue reading A Weekend in Brussels

How to Jump Start a Car Without a Penis

Today a friend gave me a ride from the base auto shop to long term parking. That’s where my husband’s poor car has been parked for a good 5-6 weeks, waiting for me to get my act together to get it back to our house. And, sure enough, the battery in said car was dead.… Continue reading How to Jump Start a Car Without a Penis

Handling a New Kind of Deployment

My husband has deployed and “gone TDY” many, many times in our nine years in the Air Force. Some trips were short, some were longer. Some were supposed to be short and became kind of long. Some came up on little notice, some we knew about well in advance. Some were to places that gave… Continue reading Handling a New Kind of Deployment