Sweet Home

We’re in Alabama! Actually, we’ve been here for a week. The kids and I stayed a few extra days in Indiana before my mom drove us down last Monday. My husband had to check in before we’d had our fill of fun on the lake, family and friends, and, well, we still don’t have our household… Continue reading Sweet Home


There are many stressful times in the life of a military family. Knowing you’re moving soon but having no idea to where is one of them. Count me lucky, getting to skip that step in our next move. Our time in England runs out next summer. That we’ve known since we learned we were coming… Continue reading Alabama

Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

About 5 weeks after we landed in England with our infant, my husband was deployed to a NATO job in Italy for three months. As far as deployment gigs go, it wasn’t so bad. But I was mostly concerned with myself and caring for our 7-month-old son. Layers of stress had built up around me,… Continue reading Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

Halftime Show: Our English Adventure Part 1

The new year has me thinking about how quickly our time in England has passed. We’re more than halfway there! Now, at the halfway point and just before our second son arrives, seems like a great time to review our time in England so far. What a trip it has been! Let’s start at the… Continue reading Halftime Show: Our English Adventure Part 1