Here We Go, Again

The kids have each grown 2.5 and 3.25 inches since last June, when we were last here living out of our suitcases on our return from Italy. Now we’re with my family in Indiana enjoying the comforts of a home while we don’t really have our own. Cozy beds, couches, a fully stocked kitchen, family…… Continue reading Here We Go, Again


Flurry? Whirlwind? Cyclone? I’m unsure which weather feature best describes our current state of existence. June is half over. More than a month has passed since our epic road trip, which I’m still hoping to detail here. (I’m really only three days in. We were gone for 12. It might be a while.) We’ve celebrated Walden’s… Continue reading Lately

What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

We move to Alabama in just 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! Spain is calling. Paris! The Lake District. The clock is ticking, very quickly it seems. Before we know it we’ll be wheels-down in North America and our expat days will be our past. It’s bittersweet. Well, sweet and maybe a only little bitter. The truth… Continue reading What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

Halftime Show: Our English Adventure Part 1

The new year has me thinking about how quickly our time in England has passed. We’re more than halfway there! Now, at the halfway point and just before our second son arrives, seems like a great time to review our time in England so far. What a trip it has been! Let’s start at the… Continue reading Halftime Show: Our English Adventure Part 1