The Final Countdown

Whelp, our stuff is packed in crates somewhere out there and we’re officially living out of suitcases. I appreciate any and all wishes for our household to arrive in Alabama in fewer than 3 months (unlike last time)! This post is pretty scatterbrained. We’ve had a very busy few weeks, full of preparation for the… Continue reading The Final Countdown


There are many stressful times in the life of a military family. Knowing you’re moving soon but having no idea to where is one of them. Count me lucky, getting to skip that step in our next move. Our time in England runs out next summer. That we’ve known since we learned we were coming… Continue reading Alabama

A Deployment Can Be Special

You can safely assume we’re in the home stretch of this deployment, with me writing that headline seriously. The past few months have been no cakewalk. No, they’ve been more like a smooshed Cheerio/LEGO/crusty Kleenex path covered in pee/spit up/pureed food which you must cross barefoot, in the dark, on no sleep, with 50 pounds… Continue reading A Deployment Can Be Special

When It Clicks: This is The Last Of

The light had that tilted-from-the-sun amber glow of an early autumn afternoon. The winding English road was being swallowed by green in spots where it was certainly no wider than 1.9 sedans (or 1 lorry and 3/4 of a Puegot hatchback). Then something clicked. This is our last English fall. Trailers stacked impossibly high with… Continue reading When It Clicks: This is The Last Of

Ten In

Ten years ago, I watched my future husband and his OTS classmates fling their hats into the air on a hot, sunny day in Montgomery, Alabama. We had dated all of five months before the day he graduated from college and drove south. That summer of Officer Training School was our first separation, and enduring… Continue reading Ten In

Tis the Season

It’s PCS season around here. You military families know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you: PCS season is that time of year (usually summer) when your friends and their families are packed up and moved to their next assignment. We’re lucky that, in our community, our “goodbye”s are most likely just “see… Continue reading Tis the Season

Halftime Show: Part 4 – Changes

We’re halfway through our assignment in England! I’m reviewing our journey so far before I forget everything when our second son is born (very soon!). This is Part Four of four. See Parts One, Two and Three for more! I developed  a new attitude in our year in the townhouse. Just because millions of people… Continue reading Halftime Show: Part 4 – Changes

Friday Hugs

If you haven’t taken a moment today to vote for my photo “Boy hugging dog” in Field Notes from Fatherhood’s Family Travel Photo Contest, please do! (And share with your friends!) I’d really like to tell my son that he and our dog won a photo competition just before his little brother was born. Today… Continue reading Friday Hugs