Here We Go, Again

The kids have each grown 2.5 and 3.25 inches since last June, when we were last here living out of our suitcases on our return from Italy. Now we’re with my family in Indiana enjoying the comforts of a home while we don’t really have our own. Cozy beds, couches, a fully stocked kitchen, family…… Continue reading Here We Go, Again

Next Stop

With the blossoming of spring comes the influx of orders for Permanent Changes of Station (which we call PCS-ing). This means that now is when many Air Force families who are expecting to move to a new duty station find out their next destination. We found out we’re moving to Italy in June! This is… Continue reading Next Stop


I can’t help but mumble “Sorry” when I’m inconveniencing someone in any way, say, by entering their peripheral view at the grocery store. If you hold the door for me, I’ll probably say “sorry” and “thank you.” It became such a habit, uttering “sorry” upon any human contact, after three years in England. At least… Continue reading Englishican

And We’re Back

Helloooooo America! OK, so we’ve been here nearly a week already. But Hello anyway. The general rule of thumb for overcoming jet lag is that it takes one day per time zone to adjust, so we’re just now coming out of that zombie-like state that comes with transatlantic travel. Our 18-hour travel day went as well as… Continue reading And We’re Back

The Final Countdown

Whelp, our stuff is packed in crates somewhere out there and we’re officially living out of suitcases. I appreciate any and all wishes for our household to arrive in Alabama in fewer than 3 months (unlike last time)! This post is pretty scatterbrained. We’ve had a very busy few weeks, full of preparation for the… Continue reading The Final Countdown

Every Conversation I’ve Ever Had at the Playground

I thought I could make a flow chart to illustrate every conversation I’ve ever had at the playground here. Then I remembered that my spare time is precious and decided to bag it. Here’s a summary. There’s a battery of questions regarding the children we’re with, covering age and mobility and preschool enrollment. Once American… Continue reading Every Conversation I’ve Ever Had at the Playground


There are many stressful times in the life of a military family. Knowing you’re moving soon but having no idea to where is one of them. Count me lucky, getting to skip that step in our next move. Our time in England runs out next summer. That we’ve known since we learned we were coming… Continue reading Alabama

A Deployment Can Be Special

You can safely assume we’re in the home stretch of this deployment, with me writing that headline seriously. The past few months have been no cakewalk. No, they’ve been more like a smooshed Cheerio/LEGO/crusty Kleenex path covered in pee/spit up/pureed food which you must cross barefoot, in the dark, on no sleep, with 50 pounds… Continue reading A Deployment Can Be Special