We Moved Overseas 5 Years Ago Today

Facebook reminded me: on this day in 2011 we boarded a plane to move to England. The photo of our pile of luggage – six massive bags high – next to baby Walden in his car seat is very blurry. So here’s the front door of our first house in England, on Blomfield Street. It… Continue reading We Moved Overseas 5 Years Ago Today

Tis the Season

It’s PCS season around here. You military families know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you: PCS season is that time of year (usually summer) when your friends and their families are packed up and moved to their next assignment. We’re lucky that, in our community, our “goodbye”s are most likely just “see… Continue reading Tis the Season

Truth from the Home Front

I’m hoping that by writing this post I’ll work out the optimistic twist that often emerges when I talk about how things are. Usually I put distance between these kinds of truths and what I post on my blog, maybe to put on my “we can do it!” face for others. So that my friends… Continue reading Truth from the Home Front

Handling a New Kind of Deployment

My husband has deployed and “gone TDY” many, many times in our nine years in the Air Force. Some trips were short, some were longer. Some were supposed to be short and became kind of long. Some came up on little notice, some we knew about well in advance. Some were to places that gave… Continue reading Handling a New Kind of Deployment

It’s the Month of the Military Child

Welcome to April! Suddenly there seem to be a million things I’d like to write about. There’s my husband: Mustache March has ended! He was selected for promotion to major! He had a wonderful time in Belgium with friends (and bought me the hands-down-most-delicious chocolates on the planet)! There’s life in England: The weather has… Continue reading It’s the Month of the Military Child