London’s National Gallery with Kids

Look. The art appreciation class I took in college doesn’t make me an expert museum-goer. I enjoy looking at art. I enjoy discovering art I like. I’ll choose to spend my time at museums or galleries when I travel alone. But I wouldn’t call myself “passionate” about any of it. At least not enough to… Continue reading London’s National Gallery with Kids

Remembrance Day in London Has Me Thinking of You, Veterans

Sunday was Remembrance Day in England, and Veteran’s Day in the U.S. These days honoring the men and women who serve their countries coincide with Armistice Day, always taking place on November 11. (I kind of had to look up all of that. Shame on me.) I chose to take my mom to London Sunday simply because it’s easier… Continue reading Remembrance Day in London Has Me Thinking of You, Veterans

A Fancy London Afternoon

Never in my days as a girl growing up among cows and pigs and corn did I think that one day I would take afternoon tea at The Ritz London. 1) I didn’t know that afternoon tea was a thing. 2) I couldn’t imagine being in London. (Well, not without Mary Poppins.) and 3) Being… Continue reading A Fancy London Afternoon

Baby’s Big Week & A Day in London

From time to time I wonder if I should ditch Facebook forever and live blissfully unaware of the hard things the people I love have to deal with. But I care about them too much. And how would I ever receive invitations to social engagements without Facebook? Second-degree drama aside, we had a fantastic week… Continue reading Baby’s Big Week & A Day in London