Crafty Planet

Each morning this week I have zoned out with the internet and my breakfast next to my sewing machine. Somehow, I’m a little more with it today. And being next to my sewing machine reminded me of some projects I want to complete. Last fall I visited Crafty Planet in Minneapolis and picked up some… Continue reading Crafty Planet

Bird on the Brain

I am completely excited to see Andrew Bird at The Slowdown Friday night. And that’s enough… but I have stumbled across several lovely bloggers in the new blogs I added to my reader this week (that I plan to share soon, I swear) who have posts about how much they love his music/photos/shows, etc. Bird… Continue reading Bird on the Brain

Grow Local Propaganda

I love all things promoting Locavoreness – buy local, eat local, grow local, yada yada yada. Especially very cool screen print  posters doing just that. ReadyMade has posted free downloads of some artist reinterpretations of the “populist posters of the first Great Depression.” And, PJ, I appreciate that you thought of me when you saw… Continue reading Grow Local Propaganda

Pet Travel Dish Project

I learned origami in 5th grade. A great art, but all it yielded was a box full of folded creatures that’s buried behind boxes of my mom’s stuff in my old bedroom closet. At long last I have found a project that has a real application: this collapsible dish at CraftStylish. They sell the project… Continue reading Pet Travel Dish Project

Your Valentine, If You Get Lucky

I love the idea of sending out handmade Valentines. I especially love these DIY Sewn Paper Valentine’s from The Purl Bee. The instructions look clear enough, and I definitely have plenty of fabric scraps that would be perfect for this project. Too bad these would have to hit the mail box next week… a friend… Continue reading Your Valentine, If You Get Lucky

Costa Rica Sweet Things

For the past two weeks I have been on a wonderful vacation with my wonderful husband in wonderful Costa Rica. It was a rich journey, full of new sights and sounds and plenty of adventure. There is so much to tell, and I plan to share it here (probably for many days). The best part… Continue reading Costa Rica Sweet Things


Shut Eye by Kyle Millsap, via Shop SCAD One of my favorite favorite favorite websites to browse for pretty things is the Savannah College of Art & Design’s I particularly love the illustrations by Kyle Millsap – I purchased the one above a couple of years ago and am thinking of starting a collection…