The Rituals of Coffee

The best part of being a foreigner is the opportunity to connect with other foreigners. (Stranieri is the Italian word for us. Sounds like strangers, no? Without a doubt we seem strange to Italians.) Far from home, we gravitate toward each other for a sense of understanding and community. We offer each other empathy and support. And… Continue reading The Rituals of Coffee

The Other Thing About Growing Up

Maybe it was the old farmer neighbor who hung out at the back of your grandpa’s pickup chatting in the evenings. Maybe it was your parents, annoyed at yet another of your trivial woe-is-me-if-only-you-knew-how-hard-it-is-to-be-me-as-a-teenager crises. Maybe it was The Wonder Years. However the information came about, there were certain things you learned you would miss… Continue reading The Other Thing About Growing Up