A Fancy London Afternoon

Never in my days as a girl growing up among cows and pigs and corn did I think that one day I would take afternoon tea at The Ritz London. 1) I didn’t know that afternoon tea was a thing. 2) I couldn’t imagine being in London. (Well, not without Mary Poppins.) and 3) Being… Continue reading A Fancy London Afternoon

Grocery Woes (Or, complaints of a spoiled American)

As we’re getting settled and waiting for our Omaha house to be rented, we’re trying to be as practical as possible about our food shopping. It’s kind of a stretch for me. On my worst days I would walk into the produce section at Whole Foods and immediately feel a wave of relaxation.  I like… Continue reading Grocery Woes (Or, complaints of a spoiled American)

Sweet Dreams

One of my favorite things about the neighborhood I live in is that it includes eCreamery‘s  boutique ice cream parlor. It feels extra-special because its custom ice cream has been featured as a hot gift idea in all kinds of places, like The View and USA Today. AND they’re headed to the South Beach Wine… Continue reading Sweet Dreams

Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cream and Praline

Check out this delicious cake that my friend and I made this weekend! We only knocked over one bowl of sifted dry ingredients and the leftover half of the cake… a success in my book, considering this recipe required us to make our own pralines and whipped cream.  We agreed that praline-making is a very… Continue reading Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cream and Praline