On Family and Stories

Have you ever had a chance to spend a whole week with your dad? Like, a week when he tagged along as you lived your ordinary life, keeping you company over the coffees and waiting at the bus stop while the kids are at school? Walking by your side through the woods and the town?… Continue reading On Family and Stories

Back Home in Indiana

Last month we traveled to Indiana for my sister’s wedding. I always love October in Indiana, particularly when the weather is perfect, as it was. The sky is a brilliant blue, the leaves are just beginning to turn, the town is a bit festive for football season (usually, so sorry about your Boilers this year,… Continue reading Back Home in Indiana

100 Years

This weekend we drove to Indiana to celebrate my great-grandma’s 100th birthday! My sons are her only great-great grandsons and, thankfully, my husband is wholly on board the nostalgia train (and willing to drive ridiculous distances at a time). I tracked down a childhood friend of mine to take photos of family at the party.… Continue reading 100 Years

And Now We’re Four

Our second son was born three weeks ago. Healthy, screaming, pissing (seriously, all over me first thing out of the womb), hello world! Perfect and sweet and wonderful. One week later he began to sleep. A lot. He whimpered when I moved him. He wouldn’t nurse. His temperature was 96.9 so we headed to the… Continue reading And Now We’re Four