Quitting Facebook

This morning I declared that I would log out of Facebook. In my mind, I meant from my phone and for the day. As the day has progressed, though, I wonder if I should commit to avoiding the website as well. Maybe for longer than the day. After all, this idea stemmed from an ugly… Continue reading Quitting Facebook

My Facebook Break

I just logged out of Facebook and deleted the app from my phone. This morning I posted to my beloved private moms’ group that I needed to step away. Just take a little break. Five hours later I had popped on to read comments to that post and previous conversations no fewer than 6 times. I… Continue reading My Facebook Break

When You’re Hooked on Social Media

I don’t think it’s weird that I check Facebook on my iPhone every night before I go to sleep, every morning after the alarm goes off, and every time I walk by my opened laptop-slash-music-center on the kitchen counter. When my husband is deployed, I try to keep Facebook open in case he’s able to… Continue reading When You’re Hooked on Social Media