Motoring Down A1101

  There’s a road – yes, one – that connects my town to my husband’s base. Americans aren’t allowed to pass other drivers on this road, unless the driver is a farmer in a tractor driving slower than 30 mph. (In the fall, you want to pass them so you can avoid being pelted with… Continue reading Motoring Down A1101

Ramblings from the English Countryside

  I guess I’m not technically IN the countryside, despite the fields and farms I see from one of my bedroom windows. The other windows of our house reveal the crush of neighbors, their tiny efficient cars wedged together in front of the squeezed and stacked homes of these suburban English developments. (And that’s “spacious” compared to the residences… Continue reading Ramblings from the English Countryside

What I’ll Miss About England

I spent yesterday in London with a friend. We took the train from Cambridge, ate a delicious lunch and took in The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. It was just the best day. I love (LOVE) London, especially on a warm, sunny spring day. While I don’t often make the 2-3 hour trip into… Continue reading What I’ll Miss About England

What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

We move to Alabama in just 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! Spain is calling. Paris! The Lake District. The clock is ticking, very quickly it seems. Before we know it we’ll be wheels-down in North America and our expat days will be our past. It’s bittersweet. Well, sweet and maybe a only little bitter. The truth… Continue reading What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

National Railway Museum, York

You may know by now that we have a three year old boy who is obsessed with trains. Never mind the dozens of Thomas & Friends engines he has collected. He loves reading about trains: Big Book of Trains and All Aboard Trains have been read (and re-read) countless times. He has known the difference between… Continue reading National Railway Museum, York

When It Clicks: This is The Last Of

The light had that tilted-from-the-sun amber glow of an early autumn afternoon. The winding English road was being swallowed by green in spots where it was certainly no wider than 1.9 sedans (or 1 lorry and 3/4 of a Puegot hatchback). Then something clicked. This is our last English fall. Trailers stacked impossibly high with… Continue reading When It Clicks: This is The Last Of

Day Out in Suffolk: Framlingham & Bawdsey

A week or so ago my husband learned that Bawdsey Radar – the world’s first operational radar station – was scheduled for an Open Day this past weekend. And so our Sunday was booked. The Suffolk coast is dotted with a variety of National Trust and English Heritage sites in addition to other areas of… Continue reading Day Out in Suffolk: Framlingham & Bawdsey

Halftime Show: Our English Adventure Part 1

The new year has me thinking about how quickly our time in England has passed. We’re more than halfway there! Now, at the halfway point and just before our second son arrives, seems like a great time to review our time in England so far. What a trip it has been! Let’s start at the… Continue reading Halftime Show: Our English Adventure Part 1

A Cold and Frosty Morning

Have you ever wandered through the countryside in a freezing fog? Me either. But today I couldn’t resist pulling over every chance I found to snap some scenes of the frosty English fields along A1101. Everything was coated in a sparkling white frost, and the sky was a heavy, milky grey. It was surreal, and… Continue reading A Cold and Frosty Morning