A Deployment Can Be Special

You can safely assume we’re in the home stretch of this deployment, with me writing that headline seriously. The past few months have been no cakewalk. No, they’ve been more like a smooshed Cheerio/LEGO/crusty Kleenex path covered in pee/spit up/pureed food which you must cross barefoot, in the dark, on no sleep, with 50 pounds… Continue reading A Deployment Can Be Special

Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1

About 5 weeks after we landed in England with our infant, my husband was deployed to a NATO job in Italy for three months. As far as deployment gigs go, it wasn’t so bad. But I was mostly concerned with myself and caring for our 7-month-old son. Layers of stress had built up around me,… Continue reading Halftime Show: Part 2 – Deployment #1


I’ve started three separate intelligent posts that have nothing to do with my kid. My gripes are starting to get old, so I want to mix it up. It’s just… I’m too tired to finish them. I started this post a few days ago when the toddler was napping in his stroller in the doorway.… Continue reading Time

How to Jump Start a Car Without a Penis

Today a friend gave me a ride from the base auto shop to long term parking. That’s where my husband’s poor car has been parked for a good 5-6 weeks, waiting for me to get my act together to get it back to our house. And, sure enough, the battery in said car was dead.… Continue reading How to Jump Start a Car Without a Penis

Truth from the Home Front

I’m hoping that by writing this post I’ll work out the optimistic twist that often emerges when I talk about how things are. Usually I put distance between these kinds of truths and what I post on my blog, maybe to put on my “we can do it!” face for others. So that my friends… Continue reading Truth from the Home Front

A Picture Post (and the PT Bomb)

No joke, I jumped for joy when I spotted the sun today. Walden dropped what he was doing and ran for the sun room. I started counting: one-Mississippi, two-Mississipi, three-Mississipi, four… and it was gone. Need I say that the weather hasn’t been particularly cheerful? But, hey, it’s England. We’ve managed to stay busy and… Continue reading A Picture Post (and the PT Bomb)

Handling a New Kind of Deployment

My husband has deployed and “gone TDY” many, many times in our nine years in the Air Force. Some trips were short, some were longer. Some were supposed to be short and became kind of long. Some came up on little notice, some we knew about well in advance. Some were to places that gave… Continue reading Handling a New Kind of Deployment