Bruges, Belgium (If You Want to Fall in Love)

I don’t know why I’m surprised that I fell in love with Bruges. It’s a beautiful small, historic city with lovely architecture, chocolate, beer, waffles, art, chocolate, frites, beer, shopping, chocolate, and, yes, more chocolate. Bruges was a thriving port until silt built up in the inlet from the North Sea, making trade by ship… Continue reading Bruges, Belgium (If You Want to Fall in Love)

Brussels, Belgium

One of the best things about being stationed in England is how accessible Europe is from here. Elaborate “dream vacations” from the middle of America turn into “holidays.” A whole world of destinations opens up to you when you realize they will never require less time and money to visit than from here. Suddenly you… Continue reading Brussels, Belgium

A Weekend in Brussels

My husband returned from his deployment last week! So naturally I threw the toddler into his arms and skipped the country for a girls’ weekend getaway to Brussels. It’s not as big a deal as it sounds. It was like driving from Omaha to Minneapolis. Except instead of driving through three states, we drove through… Continue reading A Weekend in Brussels