New Cooking Frontier: Clams

Tonight I decided to try making a Linguini with White Clam Sauce dish from the Joy of Cooking (one of nearly a dozen cookbooks I’ve acquired in the last 5 years). Adventurous for me considering a) I’ve never eaten anything with white clam sauce and b) I’ve never cooked/seen anyone cook clams (except for over a giant fire pit at a clam bake, where I didn’t eat clams).

So… I was surprised when the guy at the seafood counter at Hy-Vee told me that he poked a hole in the bag so the clams wouldn’t suffocate on the way home (they’re still ALIVE??).

Our Bruce Springsteen New Year’s Eve

Our “plan” for New Year’s Eve was to go to our favorite neighborhood pub… but had we truly “planned” our evening, we would have known in advance that it closed at 4 pm. After waiting 15 minutes for service at another favorite neighborhood restaurant, we raised our white flag and headed home to order pizza.… Continue reading Our Bruce Springsteen New Year’s Eve

How to Raise a Jewish Dog

Among the fantastic holdiay gifts I’ve received is the hilarious book “How to Raise a Jewish Dog” by “The Rabbis of Boca Raton Theological Seminary as told to Ellis Weiner & Barbara Davilman.” It’s particularly hilarious if a) you’re Jewish and b) you have a dog that rules your life, is decidedly (by you) the… Continue reading How to Raise a Jewish Dog


Olio’s First Restaurant Review! One of the great certainties of visiting the in-laws in Minneapolis is that we will eat like there’s no tomorrow. The sub-certainty of that fact is that we will always eat at either 1) some type of restaurant I’ve never had an opportunity to try (i.e. dim sum) or [more likely]… Continue reading Moto-eh

i xo Hymie’s!

vintage vinyl from hymie’s, originally uploaded by lynnbeha. Before leaving [a really fun] holiday in Minneapolis, we took Dosh’s advice to hit up Hymie’s Vintage Records at 33rd & Lake. And we totally loaded up on some great old stuff. Check out what we’ve had a chance to enjoy (and some extra photos) after the… Continue reading i xo Hymie’s!


Shut Eye by Kyle Millsap, via Shop SCAD One of my favorite favorite favorite websites to browse for pretty things is the Savannah College of Art & Design’s I particularly love the illustrations by Kyle Millsap – I purchased the one above a couple of years ago and am thinking of starting a collection…

Spicy Dinner

5 Peppers, originally uploaded by lynnbeha. I took a break from shoveling/cleaning/shopping/working to shoot some photos of a few of the ingredients I’m using in dinner tonight. I’ve never made the dish before – Pipali Chicken Madrasa Style from the cookbook Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet, by Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef‘s amazingly gorgeous and multi-talented… Continue reading Spicy Dinner

one bird in the thunder snow

one bird, originally uploaded by lynnbeha. I took this photo at Earthquake Park in Alaska. It just feels right as I listen to sleet bouncing off the storm windows and the occasional roll of thunder snow. Perhaps it’s because I feel like my hope for a snow day tomorrow is as vulnerable as this little… Continue reading one bird in the thunder snow