What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

We move to Alabama in just 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! Spain is calling. Paris! The Lake District. The clock is ticking, very quickly it seems. Before we know it we’ll be wheels-down in North America and our expat days will be our past. It’s bittersweet. Well, sweet and maybe a only little bitter. The truth… Continue reading What I’m Most Looking Forward to in America

That Time I Went to Belgium By Myself

Saturday I went to Bruges, Belgium, by myself. Not ALL by myself. I went with a giant group of American strangers who were also on the double decker Sun Fun buses that left from RAF Lakenheath at 3:00am Saturday. But by myself. It was a nice entree to solo travel, because all of the logistics… Continue reading That Time I Went to Belgium By Myself

That Time We Drove to Hamburg

*In January. **When the kids were 3 and almost 1. The Harwich to Hook-of-Holland ferry was nearly empty. Walden played in the Kids Corner for the entire 6 hours, Bertie napped in our cabin. We were off to a great start! Then there was the rain in Holland. It turned into a snow storm. We… Continue reading That Time We Drove to Hamburg

Ten Self-Catering Holiday Essentials*

*When you’re traveling with a three year old and a baby. We like to rent an apartment or cottage when we travel. It gives us the space to tuck in the littles at reasonable bedtimes while we stay up drinking wine and reading with the lights on in a separate room. (Par-TAY!) The biggest draw,… Continue reading Ten Self-Catering Holiday Essentials*

National Railway Museum, York

You may know by now that we have a three year old boy who is obsessed with trains. Never mind the dozens of Thomas & Friends engines he has collected. He loves reading about trains: Big Book of Trains and All Aboard Trains have been read (and re-read) countless times. He has known the difference between… Continue reading National Railway Museum, York

How to Contain Your Toddler on a Plane

I didn’t tell you we spent 10 days in America in July. Something about jet lag and family and babies and toddlers and “life” getting in the way. We flew from London Heathrow to Minneapolis. “Eight point five hours on an airplane with a 2 year old and a baby? Have you gone MAD?” you… Continue reading How to Contain Your Toddler on a Plane

Brussels, Belgium

One of the best things about being stationed in England is how accessible Europe is from here. Elaborate “dream vacations” from the middle of America turn into “holidays.” A whole world of destinations opens up to you when you realize they will never require less time and money to visit than from here. Suddenly you… Continue reading Brussels, Belgium

A Weekend in Brussels

My husband returned from his deployment last week! So naturally I threw the toddler into his arms and skipped the country for a girls’ weekend getaway to Brussels. It’s not as big a deal as it sounds. It was like driving from Omaha to Minneapolis. Except instead of driving through three states, we drove through… Continue reading A Weekend in Brussels

Adventure Recovery Mode

After weeks of grandparental indulgence, sweet treats and cheeseburgers, exciting new toys and adventures, skipped and short naps, crib escapes, and time zone jumps, we are in serious need of getting settled into our usual routine. For him to catch up on sleep, for me to keep my sanity. There’s no way I can handle… Continue reading Adventure Recovery Mode