Sweet Dreams

One of my favorite things about the neighborhood I live in is that it includes eCreamery‘s  boutique ice cream parlor. It feels extra-special because its custom ice cream has been featured as a hot gift idea in all kinds of places, like The View and USA Today. AND they’re headed to the South Beach Wine… Continue reading Sweet Dreams

Fall wanderings

This morning Plato and I headed out for a long walk to Elmwood Park. Missile acorns thrown at us by squirrels reminded me of a Flickr group I joined yesterday, bits and baubles from nature, which I discovered via Bliss. Scavenging for interesting bits from nature seemed like my cup of tea when I joined,… Continue reading Fall wanderings

Best Birthday Dinner Ever

[image by skeksa @ Gastronomic Fight Club via Flickr] My requirements for an awesome birthday: My husband being there (versus being on the other side of the world). Partying with friends. Cupcakes from Cupcake Island. No pressure to do anything I didn’t want to do. The Boiler Room restaurant being as great as everyone says… Continue reading Best Birthday Dinner Ever

My Photo at Schmap

This photo I took of Memorial Park was selected for the park’s photo slideshow in the eighth edition of the Schmap Omaha Guide. I’m actually pretty excited (even if my photo is, like, the 10th in the slideshow)! It’s my first “published” photo, and I think I’m going to use it to cross off another… Continue reading My Photo at Schmap