Costa Rica: Monkey Vote!

I’m exhausted and my computer’s running out of juice and reruns of The Office are about to be on TBS and I killed most of my Mac time uploading more photos. So, we’ll get to the last half of day 1 later. In the mean time, help me pick out my best spider monkey shot!… Continue reading Costa Rica: Monkey Vote!

Costa Rica: Day 0.5 – Get to know your coffee

Pop Quiz: My first 3 hours in Costa Rica I learned that: a) I don’t have the balls to hang out in a foreign city while my husband is shipped back to Denver after 12 hours of travel, no sleep and no breakfast. b) Mary at Frontier Airlines is a saint. c) Life goes on… Continue reading Costa Rica: Day 0.5 – Get to know your coffee

Costa Rica Sweet Things

For the past two weeks I have been on a wonderful vacation with my wonderful husband in wonderful Costa Rica. It was a rich journey, full of new sights and sounds and plenty of adventure. There is so much to tell, and I plan to share it here (probably for many days). The best part… Continue reading Costa Rica Sweet Things