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A Cold and Frosty Morning

Have you ever wandered through the countryside in a freezing fog? Me either. But today I couldn’t resist pulling over every chance I found to snap some scenes of the frosty English fields along A1101. Everything was coated in a sparkling white frost, and the sky was a heavy, milky grey. It was surreal, and… Continue reading A Cold and Frosty Morning

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A Picture Post (and the PT Bomb)

No joke, I jumped for joy when I spotted the sun today. Walden dropped what he was doing and ran for the sun room. I started counting: one-Mississippi, two-Mississipi, three-Mississipi, four… and it was gone. Need I say that the weather hasn’t been particularly cheerful? But, hey, it’s England. We’ve managed to stay busy and… Continue reading A Picture Post (and the PT Bomb)

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A Morning Walk

The little guy and I may be finding our stride with mornings at nursery. Today he said “bye-bye” as soon as I took off his jacket, leaned in for a kiss, took his teacher’s hand and walked off to his room. He cried “mama” on the way, but the kid didn’t even bother to look… Continue reading A Morning Walk