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Moms Grow Up, Too

Confession: I spent no more than three hours at a time away from Walden in the first six months of his life. Then I spent about 3 hours TOTAL away during our first deployment in England. Back then I didn’t realize how absurd I was being. I felt I would be a nuisance to ask… Continue reading Moms Grow Up, Too

Military Life · Stay-at-home-sometimes-solo Mom

Then There’s the Next Day

Well, about that taking it one day at a time thing… When he wakes up early with a fever: and is crying “No school! No school!” on a morning he would be going to nursery.ย I know the sweet blogger thing to say is “poor guy, I feel so bad that he’s sick!” The tired momma… Continue reading Then There’s the Next Day

Military Life · Stay-at-home-sometimes-solo Mom

Truth from the Home Front

I’m hoping that by writing this post I’ll work out the optimistic twist that often emerges when I talk about how things are. Usually I put distance between these kinds of truths and what I post on my blog, maybe to put on my “we can do it!” face for others. So that my friends… Continue reading Truth from the Home Front

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When You’re Hooked on Social Media

I don’t think it’s weird that I check Facebook on my iPhone every night before I go to sleep, every morning after the alarm goes off, and every time I walk by my opened laptop-slash-music-center on the kitchen counter. When my husband is deployed, I try to keep Facebook open in case he’s able to… Continue reading When You’re Hooked on Social Media