It’s the Month of the Military Child

Originally posted on wanderlynn:
Welcome to April! Suddenly there seem to be a million things I’d like to write about. There’s my husband: Mustache March has ended! He was selected for promotion to major! He had a wonderful time in Belgium with friends (and bought me the hands-down-most-delicious chocolates on the planet)! There’s life in…

Every Conversation I’ve Ever Had at the Playground

I thought I could make a flow chart to illustrate every conversation I’ve ever had at the playground here. Then I remembered that my spare time is precious and decided to bag it. Here’s a summary. There’s a battery of questions regarding the children we’re with, covering age and mobility and preschool enrollment. Once American… Continue reading Every Conversation I’ve Ever Had at the Playground

My Facebook Break

I just logged out of Facebook and deleted the app from my phone. This morning I posted to my beloved private moms’ group that I needed to step away. Just take a little break. Five hours later I had popped on to read comments to that post and previous conversations no fewer than 6 times. I… Continue reading My Facebook Break

In Which Life Occurs

I really wanted to post about my trip to Bruges this week. Then life happened, and I spent time marveling at my kids and learning to play Cribbage with my husband instead of blogging. So, it’s all good. I’ve realized that I want to capture those things, too. The day-to-day stuff that will be so easy to… Continue reading In Which Life Occurs

A Love Note for My One Year Old

What a difference it is to raise a second baby. The second time around, you know that the eating-every-two-hours newborn phase is just a blip on the map of time. That your baby will roll and sit and crawl and cruise when he’s ready, probably before you are. That the middle-of-the-night snuggles aren’t forever; that… Continue reading A Love Note for My One Year Old

Between the Leaps (11 Months)

There is a parenting book I didn’t read when Walden was a baby that I should have, because it explains SO MUCH that made me borderline insane. The Wonder Weeks authors Frans Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt identify a series of leaps in mental development that happen in babies at very specific times in… Continue reading Between the Leaps (11 Months)