Next Stop

With the blossoming of spring comes the influx of orders for Permanent Changes of Station (which we call PCS-ing). This means that now is when many Air Force families who are expecting to move to a new duty station find out their next destination. We found out we’re moving to Italy in June! This is… Continue reading Next Stop

Blue Stars: A Book Review

Earlier this month my book club met to discuss the book Blue Stars by Emily Gray Tedrowe. Let me first explain that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill book club. All of us are married (or almost) to military officers (simply because the group was organized through the school in which our spouses are currently enrolled). Many… Continue reading Blue Stars: A Book Review


I can’t help but mumble “Sorry” when I’m inconveniencing someone in any way, say, by entering their peripheral view at the grocery store. If you hold the door for me, I’ll probably say “sorry” and “thank you.” It became such a habit, uttering “sorry” upon any human contact, after three years in England. At least… Continue reading Englishican

Up for Air

Gah! Has it really been 2 weeks since my last post?! It seems our new routine doesn’t facilitate blogging. Perhaps we’ll get there? For now, another one of those all-over-the-place-what’s-going-on posts. Walden has started Montessori preschool and loves it. I also love it, because it makes him happy and because it’s 3 hours of each day… Continue reading Up for Air

Sweet Home

We’re in Alabama! Actually, we’ve been here for a week. The kids and I stayed a few extra days in Indiana before my mom drove us down last Monday. My husband had to check in before we’d had our fill of fun on the lake, family and friends, and, well, we still don’t have our household… Continue reading Sweet Home

And We’re Back

Helloooooo America! OK, so we’ve been here nearly a week already. But Hello anyway. The general rule of thumb for overcoming jet lag is that it takes one day per time zone to adjust, so we’re just now coming out of that zombie-like state that comes with transatlantic travel. Our 18-hour travel day went as well as… Continue reading And We’re Back

The Final Countdown

Whelp, our stuff is packed in crates somewhere out there and we’re officially living out of suitcases. I appreciate any and all wishes for our household to arrive in Alabama in fewer than 3 months (unlike last time)! This post is pretty scatterbrained. We’ve had a very busy few weeks, full of preparation for the… Continue reading The Final Countdown


Flurry? Whirlwind? Cyclone? I’m unsure which weather feature best describes our current state of existence. June is half over. More than a month has passed since our epic road trip, which I’m still hoping to detail here. (I’m really only three days in. We were gone for 12. It might be a while.) We’ve celebrated Walden’s… Continue reading Lately

This Memorial Day

Yesterday we took the boys to the D-Day 70th Anniversary Air Show at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. I’m not a war buff by any stretch of the imagination, but my appreciation for World War II has grown since moving to the east of England three years ago. Plus, Normandy was the last stop of our… Continue reading This Memorial Day

It’s the Month of the Military Child

Originally posted on wanderlynn:
Welcome to April! Suddenly there seem to be a million things I’d like to write about. There’s my husband: Mustache March has ended! He was selected for promotion to major! He had a wonderful time in Belgium with friends (and bought me the hands-down-most-delicious chocolates on the planet)! There’s life in…