Memory Hive’s $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I’m very excited that I was approached by the creator of Memory Hive to offer a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway to Wanderlynn readers! My obsession with capturing every memorable moment makes this app a perfect fit for my very first giveaway. Spending five hours in gridlocked traffic coming home from Brussels gave me a… Continue reading Memory Hive’s $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Mid-November Wanderings

What? Yesterday was the 15th? Thank you, November, for disappearing so quickly! I’m so grateful to my mom for making the trip to see us last week. Shaking things up with some adult company and sight seeing helped break the monotony of this solo parenting gig. (The fevers! Molar-related. And the second one is coming… Continue reading Mid-November Wanderings

I Love November

Thank goodness for friends. This past week would have been unbearable without them. And I wouldn’t have ventured out for some good old British-slash-American trick-or-treating. My guy picked it up from his friend pretty quickly, and decided that candy is AWESOME. I feel like November has arrived with one squeaky “clunk” of the big gear… Continue reading I Love November

Wanderings 10.5: Adventures, Promises & #2

There’s no doubting that we won’t see the 70’s until next spring sometime. The leaves are turning and the mornings are quite nippy (indeed!). It’s all reminding me of how fast time flies (i.e. how little time there actually is to prepare for the addition to our family). Here are some great links I’d like… Continue reading Wanderings 10.5: Adventures, Promises & #2