Family Adventuring with Britax – and a Giveaway!

4th Birthday

My baby is four now. FOUR. Do you know how old that is? It’s puts-on-his-own-shoes old. It’s goes-to-the-loo-independently old. It’s rides-a-bike-with-training-wheels old. It’s also old enough for him to no longer be three, and amen to that, amiright?

Our house is purged of all things baby, excluding a couple of really nice toys and a Pack-n-Play in case little people visit. No sippy cups. No diapers. (Though I did just discover an expired tube of Butt Paste.) He doesn’t even want to wear zip-up footie jammies any more. But when I look at his sweet face while he’s concentrating on something, my heart explodes for the babyish features that are still there: the delicious cheeks, the darling button of a nose, those ridiculous eyelashes, that itty bitty little mouth. I still see Baby and it’s why I still pick him up from school with a stroller instead of forcing him to walk home. He also gets an inordinate quantity of hugs and kisses because I still just want to gobble him up and squeeze him and love him and keep him for my very own. (Thank goodness.)

We’re standing on the cusp of a new frontier. We’re stepping into that world of fun and freedom that comes with having two boys who don’t demand constant assistance and entertainment. It makes planning our summer adventures quite exciting! We’re unburdened by All the Stuff we felt necessary to care for two small children while on the road. We can show them places and they’ll remember them; they can tell us about places they want to see and we can go there. We can go camping and actually relax. I’m incredibly thrilled by all this.

Try as we might to be free of stuff that gets in the way of our lake toys and prosecco cooler, our dudes are still little and need to travel in car seats. We’re a long way from the infant carriers or convertible seats like the Britax Marathon we took all over Great Britain…and on a ferry to the Netherlands; in Germany, France, Spain; from Minnesota to Alabama. My kiddos put in hundreds of hours and thousands of miles in that car seat and never complained about it. (Find a Britax car seat for infants and toddlers for your travels.) And they’re still strapped in safely!

Britax Car Seat for Toddler

We’ve gotten to a point where our kids are asking to take trips on airplanes and trains. They literally jumped for joy when we told them we’re planning a trip to Rome. They are enthusiastic about exploring and traveling, and it’s not so much of a chore any more. Which is great, because those of us who have had a taste know that we won’t regret traveling with kids. (This guy knows what I’m talking about.)

Often friends who are traveling ask what to do about car seats. The FAA recommends the use of a child restraint system on airplanes. However, it’s my experience that car seats are a pain to transport, so I often suggest solo travelers look into alternative restraints and renting on arrival. I’m dreaming of the day we won’t have to worry about it!

Britax Car Seat 2

If you aren’t entirely sold on traveling with kids, check out these tips – with a little preparation it can be great fun! And perhaps a little bit of drama, excitement and adventure, which make stories. (Like that time we went to Pompeii.)

You can find the gear you need for these adventures – for whatever stage of parenting – at Share your stories of success and struggle with your car seats in the comments below for a chance to win a $50 gift card* to their online shop! A winner will be picked at random from the comments (and you must comment to be entered to win). Think of the travel supplies you can stock up on…

We’d love to hear from you!

This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift certificate. *Note, the gift card does not cover international shipping or customs fees. 

Drawing closes at midnight PST, March 25, 2017.

8 thoughts on “Family Adventuring with Britax – and a Giveaway!

  1. When we flew home to Canada 2 summers ago, it had been so long since we flew as a family that we completely forgot the carseats in the van. At the parking lot, we got out and got our luggage and hopped on the shuttle without even thinking. We were through security before we remembered and had no time to go back to get them. It was painful to think how physically close they were to us (just over there in that parking lot!).
    We were supposed to arrive at destination late in the evening, and we had a 2 1/2 hour drive to my in-laws’ farm ahead of us. The cost to rent a car seat for as long as we needed one would have far exceeded the cost to just buy a new one, but the kids were going to be so tired and would have had to wait so long for one of us to go to a store to buy them, and return to the airport so we could get on our way. Thankfully my sister-in-law lived nearby and we got a hold of her early enough that she hadn’t yet left for the farm herself. On her way out of town, she stopped by the airport car rental with a loaner seat for our daughter, and a new, cheap booster for our son that she picked up at Walmart. Disaster averted! We are fairly experienced travellers — even with kids — so we felt pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. Lesson learned, though. We’ll probably never forget again!

  2. Love your blog! And we love our Britax Marathon as well. The ease of clicking it into a car’s anchors made my life so much easier. I don’t sweat it when I move our car seats around to pick up friends for fun events like Valas and the Omaha Zoo. We’ve also taken it on planes; although that makes me sweat some bc of the tight rows. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  3. When we went to Idaho with our then 4 month old, we rented a car seat. Upon our return, landing at JFK, we had prearranged a pick up with an infant car seat. Of course the car that came had a car seat way too big for our little baby. It took several cranky phone calls (we had just traveled 8 hours, 3 time zones and two flights with a fussy child) and three cars later until one showed up with the right size for our little dude. In the moment it was so stressful and upsetting, but now that he’s older (1) it feels easier to go with the flow. Every experience makes us more confident and comfortable to do something out of our comfort zone

  4. Lisa, hiccups like are always magnified by the exhaustion of a long flight! I agree that these experiences help us become more confident travelers.

  5. We lugged our two massive Britax convertible carseats on our flightS to Korea and oh my word by the time we got there, nobody had spent any time actually IN them, and we were lugging kids who had been awake for two days (and literally could not stay awake a minute longer), those massive carseats, something ridiculous like 8 suitcases, a wagon, etc. etc. The customs guys just waved us on through. Probably wanted to avoid me having a massive freak out right in front of them. LOL Anywaysssss I hope our next big travel involves fewer carseats and more relaxation. Ha! A girl can dream. :)

  6. This makes me realize I don’t travel enough. :) But in terms of car seat success, I just found a new (and very young) dad who can make good use of our baby car seat/bases, which are all still pretty new, in perfect shape, and I was bummed they were just going to languish in a garage somewhere. I’m delighted that now they can go to help other parents who were otherwise looking at a pretty hefty cost. Car seats for all!

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